A professional trainer from Mexico with vast experience in sports and academia will be our third guest in the new series from Panam Sports. He has worked with Mexico’s National teams, the NBA and soccer teams such as Liverpool, Cruz Azul and Sao Paulo of Brazil.

His unmissable presentation on how to prepare physically and what tools to use to train more efficiently at home during this pandemic will be shown live on the Panam Sports Channel this Thursday, April 23 at 4pm (ET) for all Spanish speakers.

How can I train if I don’t have the necessary equipment or space I need? Will I be losing a lot of muscle mass and lowering my physical performance? What and how can I exercise in my house during the quarantine?

There are so many questions that high-performance athletes are asking themselves during the quarantine and new reality that the entire world is experiencing. The next edition of the “Expert Connection” series will seek to help athletes in this uncertain area this Thursday, April 23.

Maintaining physical preparations, continuing to train and finding new tools to improve your exercise routine are all essential when staying at home. Although the physical spaces and equipment athletes are accustomed to have changed, it is vitally important to adapt  to the circumstances and not lose sight of preparation in pursuit of long-term goals.

The third guest on the program is a professional High-Performance Specialist from Mexico with a long history both in his country and abroad. Jorge Ivan Maren has master’s degrees from the Universities of Michigan and California in the United States as well as more than 21 years of experience working for the National Teams of Mexico and with soccer teams like Pachuca, Cruz Azul, Santos, Sao Paulo of Brazil and Liverpool of England, among others.

Maren will be presenting about “Performance at Home: Maximizing your Potential” on Thursday at 4pm (ET) live on the Panam Sports Channel. Athletes, coaches and the general public can receive his guidance as well as ask questions about the exercises shown.

“I want the audience to be able to find the basis for reaching specialization and to know its limitations. I will try to give the athletes a new perspective and create challenges for them to discover their motor skills,” said Jorge Ivan Maren, adding that he is very happy and grateful to Panam Sports for this opportunity to connect with the Pan American family and share his vast experience in the physical training of athletes.

Tune in to the Panam Sports Channel on Thursday, April 23 live at 4 pm ET to view the next edition of the “Expert Connection” and join the conversation.